Welcome to the NZ Pet Blog!

Bulldogs at the beach

Well here it is! My very first post on the brand new NZ Pet Blog!

About Me

I’m Janelle, a Christchurch wife and mum with two children, three cats and two dogs. I have a background in accounting, but I now run my own business, importing and distributing premium pet products from around the world.

I established my business in 2011 when I was pregnant with my daughter Eliza and still working full time. Yes, my timing was rubbish, but my enthusiasm somehow carried me through.

Working a full-time job, having a new baby, and starting my business just kind of happened all together.

In mid-2014, I launched myself into full-time self-employment, leaving behind my career in accounts to pursue my business supplying quality products to cat and dog owners and the companion animal industry.

It has been an interesting year with many challenges, long hours and a lot of hard work, but what was once just an idea and vision has become a reality.

Where my motivation comes from

As a dog and cat owner myself, I know how important it is to have high quality, safe, and aesthetically pleasing products for pets. On walks with the dogs or during play time at home, I wasn’t entirely happy with the consumer options that where readily available, so I did something about it!

Over the past four years, I have curated a range of premium brand pet products from around the world. Every item that I import is a product that I absolutely use with my own pets, which I think is really important.

The integrity of the brands I represent is high, as are their company philosophies: they are pet lovers working towards producing better pet products that are also better for the planet.

The NZ Pet Blog

What’s it all about? The NZ Pet Blog is a lifestyle website for pet owners.

In my future blog posts, I will be sharing with you some fantastic products, but this blog will be much more than that.

It’s a blog for all things cats and dogs, bunnies and birds… pets of any description! I will be posting your fur-baby photos and reviewing new products and services. I hope that you will follow my progress as I find my way in this new world of blogging.


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