Gingerbread Horse Biscuits for RDA

Cupcakes and Cookies for Charity

Last week I registered myself to participate in two awesome fundraising events in support of two very deserving charities that do great things in our community: the SPCA and Riding for the Disabled.  Both of these fundraising events involve baking up a storm; the SPCA ‘Cupcake Day’ and the Riding for the Disabled ‘Gingerbread Horse Campaign’.

I am really looking forward to participating in both of these events, and because I am quite competitive, I will be going all out to rank high on the fundraisers leaderboard.  And as silly as it may be, the prospect of ‘best decorated biscuit’ has had me trawling through the internet in search of some winning inspiration.  I have even set up a Pinterest board to curate my decorating ideas!

So, the baking and decorating part I am all whizzed up about. However, it’s obviously going to be a pointless exercise unless I line up some buyers! So, I will be taking orders from businesses, community groups, or anyone in New Zealand that would like some fresh baked goodies (delivered to their door!).

If you have a business or community group that would like to support my efforts and place an order for a morning tea shout, drop me a line and I’ll set you up with a sweet deal!

Or if you would like to make a donation, I have a fundraising page set up, and all donations go directly to the SPCA.  Make a Donation

Thanks for your support!

If you would like to know more about these two fundraisers, here are links to their websites:

RDA Gingerbread Horse campaign

SPCA Cupcake Day