Emerging Canine (and Cat?) Couture

Dogs of Desire Designer Dogwear

One thing I have noticed in recent years is the steady increase in dogs wearing designer apparel.  Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems like it was only a few years ago that dressing pets was something that only a certain “breed” of dog owners did did, and in most cases it was a tacky and un-practical ensemble.

These days, however, the fashion savvy are stepping out with their dogs in all manner of designer doggy wear with both function and fashion in mind.

Right now, in the midst of winter, I am seeing lots of photos popping up on social media of dogs in their ultra-stylish hoodies, merino tees, knitted jumpers, jackets and rain coats. Some of these pups have a better wardrobe than me!

I have a serious case of canine couture envy right now, and I have to admit it’s entirely my fault. I seem to be way behind the game on this one; my girls Twiggy & Fifi and little Winston quite literally don’t have a stitch to wear!  Obviously, this is going to have to change!

However, in my house it won’t be the dogs stepping out in style first: Fergie the Cat will be the first in line for a fashion fit-out. With her super short curly Devon Rex coat, she is most in need of an extra layer, so designer dogs, get ready to move over – this pussycat is about to steal the show!

Here are just a few of my favourite fashion finds for made in NZ dogwear…

Mr Soft Top Merino Tee

Above: Merino Tees by Mr Soft Top. (This design is exclusive to Munky’s Corner @ Ponsonby Central)

Mr Soft Top Woollen Sweater

Above: Sweaters by Mr Soft Top

Mr Soft Top Woolen Dog Coats

Above: Woolen Coats by Mr Soft Top, worn over Mr Soft Top Merino Tees

Dogs of Desire Hoodie

Above: Hoodie by Dogs of Desire

Dogs of Desire Dog Hoodie

Above: Hoodie by Dogs of Desire

Dogs of Desire Designer Dog Apparel

Above: Hoodie by Dogs of Desire

Fergie the Devon Rex Cat… Fergie’s ready for some woolly warmers!