Artist Profile: Narina Bailey

Narina Bailey Artist

I love art, and I always wish that I had more time to create my own pieces, but I don’t. So instead, I have recently started a small collection of artwork at home which currently consists of a couple of paintings and pencil drawings.  What’s the common theme in my little collection? Animals, of course!

One of my favourite portrait and animal artists is Wellington-based Narina Bailey.  Although I don’t have any of Narina’s work yet, this will change early next year as I have recently booked my very first piece of commissioned art—a painting of my daughter Eliza and her best friend, Fergie the Cat.

Narina’s work has a beautiful sentimental quality. She portrays her subjects with such sensitivity they almost look angelic, but with a strong sense of personality which is cleverly conveyed via Narina’s sweet and thoughtful composition and her subjects’ facial expressions.  Narinia’s creations are truly precious!

With such talent and unique style, it’s no surprise that Narina is booked out until early next year.

But Narina is not only talented, she’s also quite lovely… until the end of this year, $10 from each print sold will be donated to HUHANZ, now is the perfect time to start collecting!

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These are just a few of the many works that Narnia has created:

Narina Bailey with 'Mia and Poppy'
Narina Bailey with ‘Mia and Poppy’
'Are you my Mummy' by Narina Bailey
‘Are you my Mummy’ by Narina Bailey
'Brotherly Love' by Narina Bailey
‘Brotherly Love’ by Narina Bailey
'Brotherly Love' in progress
‘Brotherly Love’ in progress
'Bunny Hugs' by Narina Bailey
‘Bunny Hugs’ by Narina Bailey
'Bunny Hugs'
‘Bunny Hugs’
'Hugs' by Narina Bailey
‘Hugs’ by Narina Bailey
'It's ok Harry' by Narina Bailey
‘It’s ok Harry’ by Narina Bailey
'Kisses' by Narina Bailey
‘Kisses’ by Narina Bailey
Close up of 'Mr Sulu'
Close up of ‘Lucy and Mr Sulu’ by Narina Bailey
'Melissa and Bliss' by Narina Bailey
‘Melissa and Bliss’ by Narina Bailey
'Meow' by Narina Bailey
‘Meow’ by Narina Bailey
'Miss Bliss' by Narina Bailey
‘Miss Bliss’ by Narina Bailey

A true animal lover, Narina shares her life with her two precious cats, Monkey and Mary Jane.

Monkey and Mary Jane
Monkey and Mary Jane
Narina and Monkey
Narina and Monkey

Of course Fergie the Cat can’t wait to be immortalised in her very own custom portrait!

Fergie's a Fan!
Fergie’s a Fan!