Dogs of Piha, New Zealand

Dogs of New Zealand. The Tea Towel Project

It’s not every day that I get excited over a tea towel. Actually, until last week I have never been excited by a tea towel. But my recent discovery of Dogs of New Zealand designs by Beck Wheeler has changed this forever.

“Beck Wheeler is on a mission to make all dogs famous. She is illustrating dogs from around NZ one suburb at a time and turning them into unique tea towels”.

Seriously, how fantastic are these designs?  And even though I don’t live in any of these Auckland suburbs, I want them all!

As Beck works her way through various locations, calls for photo submissions are posted on the Dogs of New Zealand Facebook page.

Of course I’m hoping there might be a ‘Dogs of Christchurch’ in the pipeline!

For further information on the Dogs of New Zealand project, and to see more of Beck’s colourful and clever work, visit her website.


Dogs of Ponsonby, New Zealand

Lulu_the_Dog Dogs of Grey Lynn

Dogs of Devonport