Eva Solo. Bird Feeders

In New Zealand it’s Winter and this week we suffered through the shortest day of the year. Optimistically, I’d like to think its uphill from here. Realistically however, it’s a long-haul until we welcome Spring. Now is the time to feed the birds!

I’m already feeding our resident wild birds with high-energy suet blocks, hung from the tree in our courtyard. The birds love it and I enjoy watching the activity and all-day feeding frenzy. Alas, the bird feeder in my garden is ugly, so I was excited to find these contemporary bird feeders by Eva Solo. They are just so good.  Get. In. My. Shopping. Cart!


Contemporary bird feeding stations by Eva Solo
Eva Solo | Bird Feeding Table. Window Bird Feeder. Cage Bird Feeder
Hand blown glass bird feeders
Eva Solo | Glass Bird Feeder
Eva Solo Window Bird Feeder
Eva Solo | Window Bird Feeder
Hanging suet ball holder for feeding birds
Eva Solo | Suet Bird Feeder
Eva Solo | Window Bird Feeder. Bird Feeder Tube
Eva Solo | Bird Feeder Tube
Eva Solo | Bird Feeder Table. Glass Bird Feeder
Eva Solo | Mini Bird Feeders, 2pc


Bring all the birds to your yard…

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